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Seasonal Brewing

Since the weather outside is frightful (!), I have decided to concentrate on simple extract batches, while looking at yeasts and specialty grains.  First up is a Belgian Chocolate Dubbel for Christmas, followed by a Cherry Stout for New Year's, and finally an Irish red for Nick's Birthday. 


The Dubbel has a lot of specialty grains, like German Munich, Chocolate Malt and Caravienne.  I ended up a little light on hops, because I ordered Hallertau Select instead of regular Hallertau.  The difference is 1.5% Alpha Acids vs. 5%.  Therefore, the sweetnes may overpower any bitterness or hoppy flavors.... We'll see.  I am also using a White Labs Belgian Ale yeast I have never used before.


For the Stout, I added some flaked barley, which should add to the body and create a creamier head.


The Irish Red is pretty standard.  I have changed the amounts of roastd barley, and I am hoping to get the right red color and good malty tones.  I will of course update my progress....

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