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Inspiration is Coming!

Just got some HUGE help from my good friend and marketing guru, Beery McBeer.  Based on a PowerPoint Presentation he put together with a "Pitch" of a business plan, I now have a series of goals I need to meet before starting a business.  It all has to do with self promotion and "getting out there".  It is more than just this website, but I need to get into ac lub, enter some competitions, actively particpate in the beer community, etc.  I also thought of another goalthat I think I can do and actually be good at:  I am going to hold a lecture on beer at our local library in the next year...there, it's in print, and I am now committed.  The general concepts of the lecture are there, I just have to get into the details.....history of beer, different beer styles, Style Guides and Judging, the basic process, and, of course, a tasting of good examples of different beer styles.  I hope the library will let me, or I will have to find a different space.  Maybe it will turn into a lecture SERIES....who knows?  I can talk for several hours just on ingredients alone.  I can talk for hours on the beer process alone....Plus, I have seminar and training experience in my real job!  Gotta get some powerpoint slides going!


Thanks, Jeff....not only for this inspiration, but being responsible for giving me the happiness that is my wife Kristi! 



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