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OK  I'll throw a couple out there:

Anything hot and spicy pairs well with hoppy beers (IPA, Saison) -- this pairing tends to make the heat that much more intense.   Then again i have not found too many dishes that are too hot for me so maybe I am not the best opinion on this...

Beef -- Bitters and pale ale (I tried these during xmas with prime rib)  

Roast Pork -- Dunkel

Shrimp -- weissbier  (I have a recipe for New Orleans shrimp I'll dig up if you want)

Oysters -- Stout

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Ed Godek
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I will add another:  Franziskaner Weissbier and Sushi.  Had it last night....loved it.  We need to remember that for our night out at Mt. Fuji!

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Peter G Lavery
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OK, so Ed, I hear from Grant that you are looking for a three course menu/beer pairings for a charity event on Jan 30...



I always have trouble sticking with the rules on these three course things... does that include an amuse bouche? sorbets or granitas between courses? Well, fuck it, here goes an English Major's take on the number three...


I'd do a quick amuse bouche of gougeres (cheese puffs that sound expensive, but are easy as hell and please the crowd every time), for two reasons - they make the place smell so good that everyone is starving and grateful when they land. And second, since they are loaded with gruyere, asiago and all sorts of fromage, they are perfect with a heady winey brew - like Captain Lawrence's Extra Gold. But be careful, you have to serve the beer in a small glass, for tasting purposes only. Chances are that by the time these things are done, you have now won the palates of the event and can relax about the rest of the meal.


OK, first course, shaved fennel and deveined blood oranges with olive oil, sea salt and cracked tellicherry pepper. Match it with a wheat beer heavy in orange rind and coriander. There used to be a swampy looking brew called Wit! that was really perfect with this kind of starter. To be fair, you have to sample the beer with the oranges ahead of time, to make sure you don't get an acidity clash in the mouth. If bloods are too crisp, you can use any sweeter orange to balance things out better, but bloods look awesome on the plate.


You can add a beer grantia here, if you have something heady, half way to mead, that works well. Serve in a cordial glass, with a mint leaf as garnish.


Piece de resistance? Folks, we are in deepest darkest winter here, so we need meat. Braised meat. Serious meat. Put you Lipitor helmet on and smile: Beef short ribs with red onions, braised in Captain Lawrence Smoked Porter. Served on top of mashed potatoes, this one will blow your doors off. While it is cooked with porter, you can serve it with a lighter, hoppier IPA, to balance the weight of the flavor profile. This one kicks ass....


And to finish your degustatory voyage... I would go with a ripe cheese selection and fruits. We are talking epoisses and taleggio here, grape leaf wrapped, aged Cabrales blue, Oka.... club-you-like-a-baby-seal cheeses, with winter fruits: fresh hard pears and dried fruit compote (cherries, raisins, prunes, apricots, shallots cooked down in the same beer you make the granita out of), prunes soaked in cognac, and good crusty bread - baguettes if you can make a good one...



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Ed Godek
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Holy Fuck! Peter!  That's over the top!  I was shooting for a sald with fruit and a weissbier and some kind of meat.  I will try some of your ideas this month before I have to serve it.  The braised ribs sound incredible. After having your Asian Ribs at the Art of Food, I don'tknow if my skills are there....I will try....

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Feb 2010 issue of Food and Wine has recipes and pairings e.g.maple-chipotle hot wings and stout; pork tenderloin smothered in onion and mustard with an amber ale, etc.

The recipes are relatively quick and simple.

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