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Ed Godek
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I visited the Pony Bar ( the other night with 2 good friends. It was a somewhat small place, with only a few tables, aqnd a few oak barrels to sit around.  Their beer selection was great.  Many varied craft brews, and all of them were $5 a pint! Good deal for NYC.  There were a few barleywines and imerials that were $5 for an 8oz glass, but you really can't drink a lot of those anyway.  Among their selection, they had 2 cask ales, Weyerbacher Hops Infusion IPA and Flying Dog Doggie Style Pale Ale. I don't understand making a pale ale or an IPA in a cask.  The stronger hoppy flavors seem to mask the flavors imparted by the barrel.  The Weyerbacher was a little flat, but that is expected with cask ales. 


I couldn't tell if the staff was knowledgable, since the place was crowded and loud (a good sign for a Friday night).  We just ordered and they gave us (with reasonable accuracy) what we asked for.  They also have a large card you can fill out, with lines for up to 100 beers.  I guess if you are a regular, they keep your card on file and you can write down what you've had that night.  I guess when you reach 100, something magical happens (a T-shirt? a Plaque, I don't know, and I don't care, since I don't drink beer for prizes).


I also have no idea about there menu, since the place was so crowded, and there is no other way to get a table than to fight through the crowd and try and claim one when someone leaves.  Not many people were leaving, another good sign.  We noticed that Hallo, Berlin! ( was across the street and decided we would eat there.  We know they have good standard German Fare.


The clientele at the Pony Bar was what you might expect.  A few older guys (like us), maybe gathering on a Friday night for a few, posing with their beer glasses, examining the color, smelling feverishly to determine the aroma, sipping and staring, know the drill. The rest of the crowd were young mixed groups, who were there for the great beer at a good price.


I'd definitely recommend this place as a starting or ending point for a night out in the area. We started AND ended there!

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