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Here's what I came up with for Pumpkin Ale # 3.  It's a beefed up modified version of Papazian's Cucurbito Pepo Pumpkin ale.

5 gal batch

OG = 1.085 - 1.095

FG = 1.016 - 1.022

BU/GU = 0.83

IBU = 70.4

Color = whatever?

12.6 lbs  6 row Pale

  2.9 lbs Med Crystal

  2.6 lbs Wheat

10 lb Pumpkin (cut in half, seeded, roasted at 350F for 90 mins)

2.9 oz Williamette hops (added at start of 90 minute boil)

0.6 oz  Cascade hops (added at start of 90 minute boil)

1 oz Mt Hood hops (added 2 mins before end of boil)

Pumpkin spices added 10 mins before end of boil including:

1 tsp cinnamon

1 chopped up vanilla bean

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/4 tsp allspice

1/2 tsp ginger

Wyeast 1056

Run with a 2 step infusion mash with 1.5 qts/lb grain

# 1 @ 122F for 30 mins

# 2 @ 152F for 60 mins

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Ed Godek
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I calculate a color of 15 SRM on BeerSmith..about the color of Bass Ale.  That does not account for the pumpkin.  W/O the pumpkin, and assuming a 40L crystal malt and a Pale Wheat Malt (Wyermann), I get an OG 0f 1.096 on BeerSMith.  My bitterness calculation comes in at 57, I am assuming an AA of 6 for Mt Hood and 5.5% for the other 2.  What is the BU/GU ratio you are looking for?  I got ~0.6.

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The crystal is rated at 55L (northern brewer).  I used the quick calc method in Designing Great Beers for IBUs which assumes a max of 34% utilization for the cascade and williamette.  The mt hood is for aroma so not much utilization there.  The other thing was that I based the actual batch size on 5.5 gals.  The BU/GU should be 0.83, but who knows ...  I also assumed 72% eff  with total GUs (without pumpkin) = 468.  I should probably just get BeerSmith.  Either way I'll brew it next weekend and see what I get...

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