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I was quoted in an article about tahe Green Growler in FEBRUARY.


There is going to be an inaugural meeting of the Norther Westchester Brewers Guild at the Birdsall House on February 13th from 6 to 8 PM. It is being started by a former workmate of mine, Liette, and a few others. I never joined a club before and I am looking forward to joining this one from the beginning! Come one, come all!


Follow the link to Members and click on the "JOIN SITE" Button. It's easy and free! I just want to know who is lurking around. Also, I probably could arrange free beer for my members when the time comes and I go "public". If that isn't enticing enough.... 

More Beer in Croton

The Green Growler has been open now for a while!. They have 6 beers on taps for Growler filling, and a good supply of bottled and canned craft beer, as well as homebrewing supplies. The website is It's on South Riverside in Croton. Good Luck Seana and Bill!


By request, I've added some of my recipes. Click the DOCUMENTS link for downloadable PDF's of some select recipes. The PDF's are from BrewSmith, my brewing software, so you can print it out and follow along exactly as I made it!

Brews I've Made.....

  • St. Pete's Pilsner

  • Dark Cherry Stout

  • Winter Warmer

  • IPA

  • California Common

  • Saison

  • Extra Pale Ale

  • Hefeweizen

  • Nut Brown Ale

  • Vanilla Porter

  • Pumpkin Ale

  • Ommegang Hennipin Clone

  • London Blonde Ale

  • Episco-Pale Ale

  • Irish Red Ale

  • Extra Special Bitter

  • Altbier

  • Belgian Pale Ale (3 way)

  • Cream Ale

  • Scottish 60 Shilling

  • American Pale Ale

  • Pete's Wicked Clone

  • VANILLA Scottish Stout Porter

  • Dunkelweizen

  • Belgian Dubbel Chocolate

  • Cherry Stout

  • Belgian Pale Ale

  • Irish Red....Again

  • Caribous Slobber

  • Super Cream Ale

  • Wheat Extract

  • Oktoberfest

  • Pale Ale

  • Saison

  • "Californication"

  • Maddy IPA

  • Irish Red

  • IPA

  • Oak Barrel Aged Imperial Porter (for Dine Around)

  • Roggenbier (Rye beer, Dine Around)

  • Antonio's Episco-Pale Ale

  • Hefe-Pils

  • American Wheat

  • Belgian Blonde

  • Black IPA (Cascadia)

  • Altbier

  • Californication Extract

  • American Pale Ale (Green Growler Class)

  • Oatmeal Stout

  • IPA (Green Growler Class)

  • Dunkelweiss (Green Growler Class)

  • Roggenbier

  • Democratic IPA

  • Dine Around Porter

  • Dine Around IPA

  • Altbier (Again)

  • Wit

  • Imperial Chocolate Rye Porter

  • Greeen Growler Baltic Porter


  • English Bitter MiniMash for Green Growler

  • ????

FORUMS - Tasting Notes and Reviews

I want to get the Forums going on this site. I am adding my tasting notes and brewpub reviews and welcome you all to do the same. Check out the BJCP Guidelines at to help out your tasting. I will be using a modified tasting format.

Beer: An American Revolution - How Microbreweries Promote Choice

New Religion I am a Beervangelist!

From the Moses of Malt!

New HomeBrew Club!

I am also going to the inaugural meeting of the Norther Westchester Brewers Guild at the Birdsall House. I never joined a club before and I am looking forward to joining htis one from the beginning! It is from 6 - 8 PM on Feb. 13th at the Birdsall House...Come one, come all!



Cool article written last year.....ARTICLE

And one more about investors....The Business of Beer


At the end of February, we went to Lancaster for a weekend. I found some delicious brews at the Lancaster Brewing Company, but even BETTER, the Spring House Brewery, which was an old barn converted into a small brewery. See FORUMS for more


Sam Adams founder, Jim Koch, has been into micro-lending before it was chic, kinda like he was a craft-brewer before he was chic. I need to buy him a beer, and get a micro-loan! See this MSNBC interview:

Here is his program:

Coffee, Beer and Croton

Website member and owner of Croton-based Black Cow Coffee Co., Michael Grant, has leapt into beer....well, sort of......see the link Congrats, Michael!!!!! Got any free samples? 

The Beer Engineer Welcomes You

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